Jaliya Camp
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jaliya camp is located in Abene, Casamance, Senegal





airplane to banjul airport (the gambia)

The best option is to get a flight from your destination to Banjul (Gambia Airport) where we pic you up with a private transport and take you all the way to Abene (2h drive). 

We recommend www.momondo.com or www.flygresor.se to find suitable flights. There are also good options with different Charter companies like Vingresor (flygstol) from Stockholm and other places.


Turkish Airlines with arrival in Banjul 19.50 on the 28th of December and departure on the 7th of January 8.45 and

Brussel Airlines arrives in Banjul 18.35 on the 28th and departures 20.20 on the 7th of Jan.

The workshops will start on the 29th while the 28th is a traveling day and late arrivals on the 28th will stay one night in The Gambia before traveling to Senegal (because of the border to Senegal closes at night). We will help you with the arrangements of this.

There are also other options with Lufthansa, Vingresor and Royal Air Maroc.

Arrival by Airplane or Ferry/Taxi from Dakar

There is also a more adventurous route if you want to make this retreat a part of a bigger journey in Senegal. Then you fly to Dakar and  take the over night ferry, domestic flight (Air Senegal) or car/7-place taxis to Ziguinchor. Just note that it is a long, and not always easy journey from Dakar to Abene!

We can advice you for the best routes and assist you in your planning but you are responsible of how you get to Banjul Airport or to Ziguinchor Harbour or “taxi garage” where we can pic you up and take you to Abene.



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Available retreats and workshops:

New Years Retreat 2018/2019 with Jai-Jagdeesh and Sousou & Maher Cissoko

December 28 2018 - 6 January 2019
8 days, 9 nights

This is an exclusive event with limited numbers of participants, a private experience which allows you to gain a deep and personal relationship with the West African music and dance, Kundalini Yoga and mantras together with Jai-Jagdeesh and Sousou & Maher Cissoko and the team of Jaliya Camp.


If you want to visit or stay at Jaliya Camp when we are not organizing a workshop or retreat, let us know and we will see what we can do for you.