Jaliya Camp
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28 dec 2018 - 6 jan 2019

8 days 9 nights

new years retreat

With Jai-Jagdeesh and Sousou & Maher Cissoko


This invitation is a dream come true!



The Story behind this retreat

A couple of years ago I met Jai-Jagdeesh, a world-renowned musician, dancer, and yoga teacher at the beautiful Sound & Silence Festival in Greece. When I heard her sing, I immediately fell in love with her voice; I wanted to dive straight in to it. I just got this strong feeling that I wanted my voice to meet hers. Then I fell in love with her personality... and also with the incredible technology of Kundalini Yoga!

I have this piece of land in Senegal, together with Maher Cissoko, where we are creating a space for creativity and cultural meetings: Jaliya Camp. When I met Jai-Jagdeesh in 2015, I had the vision of her coming to our place in Abene, Senegal to be a part of our creative space. I could see her planting her amazing energy there, singing, dancing, and inviting us into the world of Kundalini Yoga - all while being surrounded by palm trees and singing birds!

I shared my vision with Jai-jagdeesh, and since then we have been looking forward to this moment.

For the past few years, our focus and motivation at Jaliya Camp has been to get the place ready to receive her and some other special guests - like you! - in December of 2018.

Jaliya Camp is evolving beautifully, and we invite you to be a part of its development by joining us for our very first retreat in this special space.

Love to you all and hope to see you in Senegal!


This retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime tapestry of experiences, including Kundalini Yoga and Authentic Voice work with Jai-Jagdeesh, plus the rhythms, dances, sights, smells, and colors of the West African culture with Sousou & Maher Cissoko.

From sunrise to sunset, from morning yoga to evening kora, there will be countless opportunities to learn, to enjoy, and to fall more deeply in love with your own extraordinary Self.

New Year’s Eve will be marked by a beautiful evening program of meditation to recalibrate, music to celebrate, and dancing to invigorate.

There is no better way to begin 2019 — so come begin it with us!


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Photo: Sandy Haessner

Photo: Sandy Haessner

sousou & maher cissoko

We both grew up in families of musicians, Maher in Senegal and Sousou in Sweden.  It was the interest and love for the West African kora (a harp lute) that brought us together. And since the day we met we have toured together in more than 30 countries and released four albums. 

We now invite you to our home in Senegal to experience the rich West African music traditions with the kora and our voices as companions, in an unique combination with Jai-Jagdeesh, mantras and Kundalini Yoga. If you have been longing for dancing, jamming, singing and enjoying kora music and yoga, accompanied by the sound of  the ocean and crickets a starry night in Senegal we are here for you!

With many years of experience of West African music we offer you a workshop experience full of adventure, soul and sunshine combined with kundalini yoga, singing and dancing.

Widen your perspective and join us in this life changing experience!
Photo: Tomas Faltus

Photo: Tomas Faltus


We are so proud and happy to invite Jai-Jagdeesh to join us in Senegal for the first time! She is a sparkling singer, dancer, yoga teacher, a creative soul, and a busy bee. Her enthusiasm is heartwarming and her love for Kundalini Yoga is contagious. She’s powerful, and is known to be surprising during her concerts and workshops. She has the gift to make people around her shine.

It takes time and energy to tune in completely to who we are and what we want to vibrate in our lives — and there's no time like the present. The mantras and meditations of Kundalini yoga encourage us to peel away layers of genealogy, personal history, societally imposed concepts, and fear-based belief systems, all to reveal that Authentic Voice and true expression of YOU.

Join Jai-Jagdeesh for a powerful session of practice — yoga, meditation, and chanting. Come strengthen the navel point, open the throat chakra, and allow the heart to vibrate your true sound.

We are so much looking forward to explore the magic of mantras and Kundalini Yoga together with you - and to sing and laugh together!

Preliminary Daily Program:

  • We will start our day before breakfast, with a Kundalini yoga class in the sunrise led by Jai-Jagdeesh.
  • After breakfast we will dance for about one hour and let the West African music and joy flow into our bodies with live drums played by professional musicians. Dance sessions will be led by a talented dance teacher from the region.
  • After lunch you will have your own Ocean Time or time to discover the daily life in the village or, if you prefer, deepening in your self, music and dance.
  • The second yoga and mantra session of the day takes place in the late afternoon, before dinner.
  • After dinner we will light the fire and enjoy music, evening concerts, jamming, singing and sharing together.
  • There will also be opportunities to visit the vibrant cultural festival Abene Festivalo and dance your legs off. 

*(On new year's Eve and first day of the new year, we will have a slightly different program).

All regular activities are included in the price and is of course voluntary to suit your preference and taste.


There will also be opportunities for extra private classes in kora, singing, dancing, djembe, sabar, seuroba classes to an extra fee.

*Note that this is a preliminary program and can be a subject to change. 
*Yoga teaching is in English. Dance teaching is in English or any of the local languages, interpreted into English/Swedish.


  • 10 yoga and meditation classes with Jai-Jagdeesh

  • 1 “Open to your authentique voice” workshop with Jai Jagdeesh

  • 7 dance classes with a professional dance teacher from the region.

  • Evening concerts and koramusic under the stars with Sousou & Maher Cissoko, Jai Jagdeesh and special guests.

  • Special New Year's Eve Celebration

  • Entrances to the Abene Cultural Festival

  • 9 nights accommodation at Jaliya Camp (shared double room, simple standard).

  • Room cleaning every second day and laundry service when needed.

  • All breakfast and meals are included with traditional senegalese food.

  • Pick up and drop off service from Banjul Airport or Ziguinchor harbour.

The retreat fee DOES NOT include:

Flights, drinks, travel insurances, vaccinations, single rooms, private classes or excursions outside the schedule or any other personal expenses.


Early Bird price:

1161 Euro (available until 16 September 2018).

Standard price:

1290 Euro (from 17 September-13th of October).


Want to stay longer? 

It is also possible to come earlier or stay longer and combine the retreat with a longer visit in Senegal. Let us know what you need and we will try our best to help you to get an unforgettable time in Senegal!


  • Children up to 4 years – free of charge

  • Children 4-12 years – 50 % off

  • Teenagers 13-18 years – 20% off

  • Seniors (65+) – 20% off

More details on payment, deposit and cancellation policies will be sent to the registered participants. The deposit fee and the event fee is to be paid after the registration.






REGISTRATION for this new years retreat IS OPEN NOW!