Photo: Sandy Haessner, Green Eyez Design

Photo: Sandy Haessner, Green Eyez Design

sousou & maher cissoko

Sousou & Maher Cissoko - from Sweden and Senegal - are one of Sweden's most loved world music acts! They've toured in Canada, USA, Africa, Asia and Europe, Swedish TV and radio have made documentaries about the group, they've performed at the prestigious Polar Music Prize, supported one of Sweden's biggest pop artists, LALEH, on her Summer 2017 tour. They've released four albums and collaborated with hip hop artists like Timbuktu and Kapten Röd among others.

Sousou and Maher both grew up in families of musicians and it was the interest and love for the West African kora (a harp lute) that brought them together.

Maher Cissoko was born to be a jali and a kora player and is raised with music in the world famous Cissokho family in Ziguinchor, Senegal. Maher is an extraordinary musician and besides playing the kora, he is also a great percussionist.

Sousou Cissoko is one of very few female kora players in the world. She grew up in Sweden surrounded by music and fell in love with the kora at an early age, since then the kora has had a defining role in her life. She has many years experience of studying music and the jali culture in Gambia and Senegal. She has also worked as a project leader for Doctors Without Borders in Sweden and South Africa.

Sousou & Maher Cissoko invites you to experience the vibrancy and warm traditions of Senegal.

With many years of experience of West African music we offer you a workshop experience full of adventure, soul and sunshine combined with kundalini yoga, singing and dancing.

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“Thank you for incorporating one of my greatest music experiences.”
— workshops attendee

Get a taste of the music and check out Senegal! 

video recorded in Abene and Dakar by Yohanna Troell.