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We are so proud and happy to invite Jai-Jagdeesh to join us in Senegal. She is a sparkling singer, dancer, yoga teacher, a creative soul, and a busy bee. Her enthusiasm is heartwarming and her love for Kundalini Yoga is contagious. She’s powerful, and is known to be surprising during her concerts and workshops. She has the gift to make people around her shine.

About the Authentic Voice workshop

It takes time and energy to tune in completely to who we are and what we want to vibrate in our lives — and there's no time like the present. The mantras and meditations of Kundalini yoga encourage us to peel away layers of genealogy, personal history, societally imposed concepts, and fear-based belief systems, all to reveal that Authentic Voice; YOUR Authentic Voice, both spoken and sung, a voice which is the most clear and true expression of YOU.

Join Jai-Jagdeesh for a powerful session of practice — yoga, meditation, and chanting — to sweep away the debris and silence all the noise that is NOT you.

Come strengthen the navel point, open the throat chakra, and allow the heart to vibrate your true sound.

Let's speak — and SING — from the Authentic Voice.